When you develop on Android, you will probably need to make lists pretty quickly. However, it can be complicated to understand all the mecanisms when you are a beginner. This serie of posts aims to give you tips if you want to increase the smoothness in your lists.

This first post is a basic one which talk about a well known tip, called ViewHolder. Read on →

Hi everyone welcome and in my blog for this post dedicated to Monkey Runner (Introduction by Google here). This post could be the extension of the first, which one was about Monkey (link here).

This post won’t be a course but an introduction, because the aim is to discover by yourself how much this tool can be powerful. Monkey Runner is a tool which let the developer create programs which control the connected device/emulator.These programs will be developed in Python, and can install, launch and manipulate apps, and take screenshots. This is what we need to complete a Ant script which could build and sign the app for example. Indeed, if you have many applications, automate builds/tests, etc. becomes very interesting in order to gain time… and also because letting the computer to do all the job is pretty exciting!

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